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The Saving Hope Foundation has partnered with the City of Fort Worth’s Animal Care and Control, the Humane Society of North Texas and PetSmart Charities to establish the Fort Worth Partnership for Pets.


Through this partnership, we have realized a need for a discounted or free mobile spay and neuter program in Fort Worth. We must reduce the immense pressure on the shelters and target the over population problem at its source. Simply: Stop reproduction - stop overpopulation - and end euthanasia.


We have initiated this project by acquiring the use and naming rights for a mobile unit. Through our funding, the mobile clinic will be named the Hope Mobile - and be adorned with our iconic logo of Hope and logos from our other partners including the Fort Worth Partnership for Pets.


The Hope Mobile will travel to the research-determined, high-risk areas in Fort Worth twice a month and medically treat 13,400 dogs and cats over a 3-year period. (11,000 of which will be sterilized). In addition to this, traveling units will be set up in area community centers/churches to perform these same treatments. So we will be constantly moving around and available in these areas where low-cost and free help is needed.


We are asking for your financial support to keep this project up and running.


For a $25,000 commitment for 3 years - a total of $75,000 – we would LOVE to add your company's logo to the side of the Hope Mobile.


For any other donation you will become part of the process to save these innocent animals lives and reduce the number of euthanized animals in DFW from 200,000 annually to zero!


We will keep you informed with regular reports on our progress; we appreciate your support and we know with your help we will reach our goals!


The Saving Hope Foundation is determined to put an end to animal abuse and neglect by attacking the overpopulation problem in our community and putting an emphasis on education and adoption.

FW Partnership for Pets


• The primary mission of the project is to reduce the immense pressure on the shelters – every year 200,000 dogs and cats are euthanized in Dallas/Fort Worth shelters. Our goal is ZERO.

• Based on research, the mobile unit will primarily focus on targeted areas of Fort Worth (76105 and 76119 zip codes);

• The mobile clinic will be operational by 2nd quarter of 2013 – surgeries will be performed at local community centers until it’s operational;

• PetSmart Charities has already committed almost $150,000 to this project;

• Regular reports will be provided on the impact the mobile unit is making in Fort Worth;

• The mobile clinic will be shared with partners in Dallas.


The Saving Hope Foundation is looking for one-time contributions and 3-year pledges to support this initiative.


Click to download an Investment Form and help make Hope’s mission a reality.


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